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Publication of New Issue of the Journal of Social Problems of Iran

 | Post date: 2017/10/25 | 

Issue No. 1 of eighth year (spring and summer 2017) of Journal of Social Problems of Iran (Kharazmi University) was published with the following articles:


1. Sociological Study of Relationship between Knowledge, Attitudes and Environmental Behaviors: (Case of Study of Tehran University students)

2.  Tabriz, a City without Beggars: A Sociological Study of Citizens' Encounter with Beggary

3. A Qualitative Study of the Causes and Consequences of Psychopaths based on the experience of their Companion

4.  Effect of Lifestyle Factors on Single Girls' Attitude toward Marriage: A Study on Female Employees of Shiraz Medical School

5. Youth Identity Challenges in Interaction with Family and Society

6. A Study on Single Girls' Social Isolation and Its Effective Socio-Cultural Factors: A Study on Single Girls over 30 Years in Yazd

7. Meta-analysis of Research Conducted in the Field of Social Problems in Iran, with Emphasis on Drug Abuse

8. Sociological Explanation of Culture of Poverty: Case Study of Ardabil province Villages

9.  Women in the World and Iran (Book Review)

10. Articles on Social Situations of the Country (Book Review)


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